My tears

My tears are mine.

Tears treasures to share

From a bleeding heart

To someone who care

If they love, they will value your tears


I cry

Cry in silence

This pain is killing me

A soul hurts and yields asking for mercy

Your true confessions  secretly stifles me

Refuse to ease, I can’t breathe

oh my god just let me be or take me

Let me burn in a furnace of me, my misery

No saving me Let me cinder  I’ll be free


I’m resolve

Acceptance, what is

I am, I’ll be

What’s lose

A body, a soul, a living breathing entity

what was

innocence, love, warmness, humanity

What’s left

remains, warped unrecognizable to eyes even me

A thing that once pulsed and could feel


I’m cold

The feeling of being alone, emptied


How possible is it to be me and not freeze

Clinging, I’m losing feeling

seeping slowly

I cave, release give in and remember to breathe